TempleOS – Wikipedia


TempleOS – Wikipedia

TempleOS – Wikipedia

TempleOS (formerly J Operating System,[1]SparrowOS and LoseThos)[2] is a biblical-themed lightweight operating system created over the span of a decade by the American programmer Terry A. Davis. The software is a X86-64 bit, multi-tasking, multi-cored, public domain, open source, ring-0-only, single address space, non-networked, PC operating system for recreational programming.[3] The operating system was designed to be the Third Temple according to Davis and uses an interface similar to a mixture of DOS and Turbo C. Davis describes the operating system as a modern x86-64 Commodore 64 with a variation of C (named HolyC) in place of BASIC.[1]

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TempleOS


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