Big Ransomware Outbreak Today – Be Vigilant

Reminds me of the p\/\/n4g3 of the late 90’s, early 2000’s.

The biggest difference is that it used to be destruction for some kind of ideology or the lulz, and now it’s for money -_- .

[H]ardOCP: Big Ransomware Outbreak Today – Be Vigilant

While the outbreak was at first mainly located in Spain, it has quickly spread worldwide. It would be good for our System Admin readers to be very aware of this as it seems to be a very nasty strain of ransomware. Microsoft issued a patch for this on March 14th. In Twitter conversations, Telefonica employees and collaborators told Bleeping Computer that the company had sent several internal memos, telling employees to also disconnect from the company’s internal WiFi network. Additionally, the company blasted warnings throgh[sic] audio speakers inside their Madrid headquarters, warning employees to shut down their computers.


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